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Volunteers make a difference, everyday!

Nothing beats giving back to a community in need.  Your time and loving attention to our clients make a world of difference in more ways you’d ever know!   

DRIVEN by love

Volunteers Help us to bridge gaps in our communities To Reach those who are most vulnerable.

Volunteers are at the core of Safe Umbrella Health Care (SUHC).  Whether socializing with the elderly or delivering a warm meal, there is no better way to reach as many people as possible without volunteers.   Our volunteers are kind, and compassionate, and have an inherent empathy and a strong desire to help the elderly and the most vulnerable in our community.  What motivates us most aim to cause happier and healthier lives in the comfort of our client’s own homes. 

Learn more about the many volunteer opportunities at SUHC and become a volunteer today!

We support the contribution of volunteers through respectful, meaningful and inclusive actions.


Some Ways to Volunteer


Meals on Wheels

Many elderly don't have a hot meal. With your vehicle, you can bring a hot meal right to their doorstep.



So many of our elderly are lonely. Here's a great way to connect with some of the elderly through meaningful conversation. Play a board game or simply watch a TV program an make a difference.


Shop runs

Some elderly just don't the means to go to the shop to buy groceries or pay their basic bills. Here too, you can make world of difference.


Ready to make a difference?
Let's get there, together.

Volunteers bring caring, kindness, and dedication and help enhance the quality of life to our elderly and most vulnerable in our community.

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