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Carer Agency Near Me Muizenberg

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Safe Umbrella HealthCare (SUHC) is a registered non-profit charitable organization that offers health care and support services to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, seven days a week.  Founded in 2020, SUHC’s goal is to provide the elderly and most vulnerable with personal service when, where, and how they need it to support their independence and well-being.


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SUHC aims to help people live healthier, happier, and longer lives at home. Our qualified Personal Support Carers are compassionate & caring.


To help improve the quality of life for those living with a terminal or life-limiting illness, and provide support for family members by way of social and spiritual care.  


Being a caregiver can be overwhelming and challenging to balance especially with other responsibilities. If that is your experience, we can provide help with respite care.


A wonderful service dedicated to the elderly, frail, and those unwell. Let us bring you a hot meal right to your door.  


A safe and convenient pickup and drop-off ‘door-to-door’ service for all your next doctor’s appointments when you need it most.   


Fall Prevention

Falls in the home involving the elderly happen often.  Allow us to conduct a risk assessment and recommend the necessary safety measures that will protect your loved ones.  

Carer Agency Near Me Muizenberg

Hair, Nail & Skin Care

SUHC provides those in need with hair and nail care in the privacy of their own home.  For more information on how you can access care, please set up a consult with one of our Care Managers.  

Carer Agency Near Me Muizenberg

Companionship & Social

The elderly have heard many times that when admitted to retirement homes, their family and friends forget about them.  This creates what is known as “anxiety separation.”  With our Companionship & Care program, we will set up visits of care where our Companion Carers will visit, reduce loneliness, and ensure that they don’t feel forgotten.    

Carer Agency Near Me Muizenberg

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Carer Agency Near Me Muizenberg

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Carer Agency Near Me Muizenberg

Access to Care

We know that you are contacting us because you or a loved one requires assistance.  Please fill out our short information form and someone will reach out within 24 hours.  



Some of our personal care include: